Hayat Water
  • Balanced mineral content
  • 7.55pH alkaline level
  • Untouched from source to bottle
  • 100% recyclable packaging


Water is the healthiest hydration! Thanks to Hayat’s unique taste and well balanced mineral content we’ve got you covered

Many factors such as unhealthy diet, erratic lifestyle, pollution, stress etc. cause the accumulation of harmful substances in our body. These substances appears as factors which may become main enemies of our tissues, organs and cells by preparing the ground for diseases or directly causing some diseases. Drink 2 L of Hayat water every day to help your body eliminate substances that your body doesn’t need.

Danone Hayat as one of the long-established bottled water company in Turkey, has started its first production in 1984. Since it was established, Hayat continues to meet consumers’ needs without sacrificing quality. Hayat is an innovation leader in bottled water sector . While all of our product range is meeting consumer’s needs, Hayat is continuously investing in manufacturing and supply chain in order to produce the highest quality, ultra-hygienic, healthy and tasty products according to international standards.

Hayat continues production in 3 different highly technologic facilities that complies with Danone Group, NSF International, Turkish Ministry of Health, Turkish Standards Institution standards and ISO standards.